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Manufacturable design

Any design stage

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Support Companies to develop or adjust their product design, make it available for ongoing production, and support in establishing your manufacturing facilities.

Our roots & origins

Our roots grew from one of most hospital and tech education progressive location, the city of Belgrade (Beograd or White City), where the first robotic arm worldwide was invented and designed back in the ’60s at Mikhailo Pupin Institute at Robotics Center and used later on at APOLLO MOON mission (1969-1972) to collect Lunar soil samples.
Nikola Tesla Museum is preserving the fruits of one of the greatest inventors of all time, thanks to whom we enjoy long-distance affordable electricity, radio mobility, Wi-Fi, just to name few.
We came from a location with a rich technical background and exceptional design and engineering culture. But our team is international, from all corners of our beautiful world. What we may do for you & your Customers? Please, let us know.

Our office

We had a privilege to design for

What we may do for you

Manufacturable design is in the heart of your product. Since it requires a set of knowledge and luggage of experience, our Team with its 20+ years of manufacturable design and engineering experience, from simple gears to ready-to-fly aircraft completed projects, is here to help you make your design a perfect fit for production & sales.






What if you may count on a Team to check your design(s) and have it done in a reasonable time frame at a reasonable cost? At least 3 to 5 engineers will have a look and give back the advice. And all within one request!

Whatever you desire from your design, we may help you out with it. Our Expert Team is compound by people from various engineering backgrounds and extended experience related to manufacturability. And it is all available to you for your Customer’ benefits.

What if your designs earlier had issues with a manufacturing provider? What if you need to add expertise to make your product ready for manufacturing? Helping our Customers to have ready-to-manufacture design is what we do successfully for 20+ years.

Test & Manufacture with Tesla

Need to test your product? Need a reliable manufacturer? Apart from our own manufacturing facility for tooling *operational since 2002), you may enjoy access to manufacturing Companies with 100+ years of history and the ability to produce from a pin to a piece of complex equipment, including electronics & robotics. You are welcome to entrust your product with us.

Manufacturability Support


Your Idea(s), regardless of stage & format you have it available, and on your request are welcome for evaluation from many aspects.

Drawing (2D)

Have you already a 2D drawing? Share it with us, and what you'll get in return is improvement advice.

CAD File (3D)

Have a ready CAD file? Want to optimize it? Want to check it? Or redesign it? Gladly would support your aims to make products excellent.


BOM (Bill of Materials) for manufacturing is an essential part of the documentation for Manufacturers. Need one? Want to check an existing one? May help you with this.


What if you have to take decisions over various technologies? Or what if you want to validate your choice of technology, that you plan to use for production? With Tesla, you will get the necessary guidance and support.


What if you want to prove your choice of material(s) to be used for the production of your products? What if you need a hand to make decisions over materials to be used? What if you are a novice and need a shoulder to rely on while developing your product? Here we are to help you out.

Strategic Partnership

What if you require to add a Team for your product development? For traditional and/or Additive technologies. What if you may have an additional Team to use during a long period? And no need to worry about employment, asset management, other CAPEX/OPEX issues? Get in touch, and the deal will go on.

Project Approach

What if you are used to be charged per hour or on tops hours to project? Cost is almost impossible to control, as surprises may occur at any time. Tesla's approach eliminates such issues.

Legal Security

What if you need to be safe on NDA, IP, and other legal aspects? Well, one of our co-founders is 35+ years in Legal Services, listed in Forbes 500. Your product data is safe with Tesla.

Request your call for initial relations bridging.

Please try our services, as best it not to read nice wordings and watch great media. Your core value with Tesla is to get the job done for your Customers. And make your business stable and flourishing.
You are welcome to Tesla. Hit the button on the right, and let’s start a great DFMA journey.